The Verrelatok are an organization responsible of the protection of the region surrounding the city of Rornach. It consists mainly of professional hunters, mercenaries and sellswords. It has been speculated that members of the Verrelatok have also been used for espionage in the past, but those rumors have never been confirmed. The organization falls under the jurisdiction of the Envoy of Ira. But is led by a head administrator. Despite their varying levels of skill and experience, all members are regarded as equal.

Life of a Verrelatok

Members of the Verrelatok are often called upon to deal with threats that are too small or specific for the army to deal with. This includes dealing with dangerous creatures or individuals as well as neutralizing instances of wild magic and rescue missions for missing persons. Verrelatok are largely regarded as heroes as it is their job to deal with threats and save people in need. Members of the Verrelatok are paid for the tasks they complete. The people requesting the Verrelatok to help have to collect this payment but when the task is dangerous or aids the welfare of the city, it is commonly supplemented by the council of Rornach. Non-magical weaponry, armor, ammunition and common mounts are provided by the Verralatok to aid it's members in fulfilling their tasks.

Becoming part of the Verrelatok

It is not complicated to become a member of the Verrelatok. Before admittance to the order, it is checked whether or not a person has any contradicting allegiances for example with enemies of the city or oaths sworn against the city or what it stands for (outlined in the Juris Septem). The new recruit has to sign the extensive document commonly reffered to as the Contract of the Verrelatok which binds them in service to the Verrelatok, the city of Rornach and the Duke of Rornach. After this, the new recruit is given a badge, to signify his membership.
Yes that's right, we are not in any ways responsible for any injury, magical or non-magical or can be made responsible for your death... Please sign here, here, here and here.
Cecilia Whitner, Head administartor of the Verrelatok


The Verrelatok collects and receives tasks from citizens of Rornach as well as direct orders from the Council of Rornach. These tasks are commonly given directly to certain members of the organization but some are posted on a board. The Verrelatok might offer one or more of the following tasks to their members.
  • Tracking and hunting down a Manticore in the countryside.
  • Escorting a merchant up the Zilnean Road from Midwol to Rornach.
  • Clearing a farm from a group of destructive Ogres who have overrun it.
  • Delivering an important message to the city of Altenport.
  • Finding a member of the Verrelatok last seen going into the Calfert Marsh.
  • Investigating and cleansing a haunted graveyard along the river Zilnes.
  • Alternative Names
    Guild of the Green Eye
    Green Peacock Feather
    Military Order
    Leader Title
    Notable Members


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