the hamlet of Edastein is a small miner's village along the river Fortuna west of capitol of Morhan. The people living there have become extremely rich off of the gold that can be found here. But regardless of it's riches, the settlement does not have a very rich history or even any significant culture for that matter.

Fortune Found

If ever there was a time in the history of the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn when the economical status of the kingdom took a flight, it was a few years after the founding of Morhan, when a small group of explorers ventured west from city towards the shore. The story goes that they set up camp for the night next to the river that they were following downstream towards the ocean. A young man was tasked to dig a latrine for the night, but instead of shoveling plain dirt, he found specks of glittering gold just below the surface. The explorers could not believe their luck and started digging for the gold. They never left their little camp and named the river Fortuna, for its good fortune. Over time, the camp attracted more seekers of fortune and grew to be the village that stands there to this day. Many mines scar the landscape around Edastein in which people still attempt to unearth the riches they might offer. In the river Fortuna people can often be found trying to sieve gold from the river itself. After being mined, the gold is usually taken upstream to Morhan, where it is made into coins and bars.
  The village of Edastein itself is pretty small, there's a small blacksmith who spends most of their time fixing pickaxes and repairing mining equipment, a few farms provide the food and drink and there is a tavern where in the evening miners can be found discussing their findings and earnings. There are a couple of mansions occupied by companies who will hire individual miners to work for them in their mines. Around the village itself there are an unknown number of shacks and huts where miners live. Some just make their home inside of their mine, which is quite dangerous, as the mines around Edastein have been known to be vulnerable to collapsing. Not to mention the more horrifying threat of creatures who have made their home in the Blackvald north of the river Fortuna.


Some people believe the village to be named after the person who dug the latrine, others believe it to be some old dialect for 'noble stone' which they believe clearly pertains to the gold. Truth be told, the true origins of the name of Edastein might never be clear, and some people simply call the village 'Shithole', after the legend of the latrine, or maybe as a reference to all the holes and mines in the ground. Perhaps it is just for the reason that apart from the mining industry, the village does not offer anything else of interest.


When adventurers find themselves in Edastein they might discover one of the following opportunities to share in the riches of Edastein by interacting with the locals or spending some time in the tavern listening to what is being talked about.
  • Clear a mine of an infestation of unknown creatures.
  • Delivering equipment to the miners working for a company.
  • Escort a shipment of gold to Morhan.
Alternative Name(s)
Eda's Town
Approximately 1550
Location under
Included Locations


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