The dark grey rock of mount Esuvo forms a stark contrast against the bright blue skies. The dark basalt rock seemingly absorbs the bright light of the Azuno sun, which is the reason some people refer to Esuvo as:'the Cursed Mountain'.   Mount Esuvo is a lone volcanic mountain on the island of New Ankoya. Javesz, the only city on the island lies high on the southern side of the mountain. Here, high above the ground, the Javeszian arcanists, wizards and sorcerers practice and perfect their crafts.   At times, thin whisps of smoke can be seen coming from the side of the mountain. The volcano has not violently erupted for ages, but slow streams of magma haven been known to poor out of the cracks of the basalt rock at times. These outpoors burn away what little vegetation grows on the mountain. When delving deep into one of the many winding caves inside the mountain, one might also stumble upon pools of molten rock and even Lava Elementals which some Javeszian scholars have theorized are the reason for the erratic and lingering volcanic activity of the mountain.
Alternative Name(s)
The Onyx Pillar
The Cursed Mountain
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