High on the southern side of the Esuvo mountain lies the city of Javez. A glittering jewel high above the treelines of the jungle, ever glittering in the reflection of the Azuno sun.   The city of Javesz is not extremely large, but is situated on several plateaus on the side of the mountain as well as within the mountain itself. Welfaring citizens own large mountainside estates, while those with less gold to spend may find themselves living in the smoke and darkness of the manufacturing districts inside the mountain.   Javesz is the only real city and thereby the capitol of New Ankoya. The city was founded by outcast wizards from Ankoya centuries ago and many of the citizens of Javesz still study the arcane and attempt to unravel its secrets or aid in one way or another in this pursuit.   The city has continued to grow and thrive, despite that it is situated in an inhospitable location far away from other civilizations. It is thought that the city is located at this place because the mountain or the exact location hold some innate arcane power or energy, which in part might be true when it comes to the wealth that can be found within the mountain.   Mount Esuvo holds many natural treasures in the forms of precious stones and metals, but the volcanic activity inside mountain has been operationlized by the people of Javesz to create gemstones and jewels. These stones are of vital importance for the practice of Crystallomancy, a craft that has been practiced by the Javeszians for centuries.   The city is led by the Basalt Conclave, a group of powerful wizards and sorcerers who's vision leads the city into a bright future. The Basalt Conclave is wary of any visitors attempting to steal the knowledge that the city has gathered throughout the years. Luckily, Javesz is a solitary city and only few people ever visit it. Mostly people living in the lands surrounding mount Esuvovisit the city to trade sell meat, produce and other common wares for gold or gems taken mined from the mountain.
Alternative Name(s)
The Gem of New Ankoya
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