Forcebreak Hex

Minor Evocation Curse (Object)

Description. A forcebreak hex is a type of curse that can be put on a non-magical weapon or spellcasting focus. Instead of breaking the item itself, it gives the user a false sense of security until they actually have to use the item in combat.   Effects. This curse instantly takes effect on items that are not being held or carried. If a creature is holding the targeted item they have to make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 13). On a failed save the item becomes Cursed. After being cast, the curse remains active for 8 hours. While the item is Cursed, a burst of arcane energy blasts forth from it whenever a creature makes an attack with it which causes the item to break further with each attack and the creature holding the item to take 1d6 Force damage. After three attacks have been made with the item while it is Cursed, it shatters into pieces, breaking beyond repair.   Breaking. Remove Curse or a spell with a similar effect.
Type of Magic
School of Magic


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