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Evocation is the school of magic that manipulate energy or power in one way or another. Evocation magic can be used to summon blazes of fire, thunder and lightning or bolts of concentrated arcane force. t is largely seen as a destructive school of magic but when controlled, evocation can also be used to power devices or mechanisms.   Master evokers use their power to wreak havoc and destruction against their enemies. Because of its clear use in battle, evocation magic is a school of magic that is utilized in warfare across the world. Many Warmages are specialized in the art of evocation and its use on the battlefield.   Using the energy that can be summoned with evocation magic to power devices, mechanisms or even constructs through the process of enchanting is considered a form of Technomancy. This power has to be captured, distributed, and sometimes tempered to function. This is sometimes done with the aid of Crystallomancy. Devices created through this process are commonly referred to as Magitech.
Alternative name(s)
Destruction Magic
Evocation spells


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