Gravespeakers are people who have made it their profession to commune with the dead. These people have a strong connection to the afterlife either naturally or through studying it. Gravespeakers come from all kind of backgrounds but are often devout clerics or priests that worship a deity of life or death.


The degree to which gravespeakers are able to commune with the dead vary. Some only interpret symbols or signals, while others have the ability to truly speak to the spirit, soul or body of a departed mortal being through necromancy. The talents which gravespeakers have are being used in various ways across the world. In some places, city guards have employed gravespeakers to gain information about a killer through communing with a victim of a homicide. In other places it is common practice for the bereaved to have a gravespeaker commune with their dearly departed to ask about their final wishes and what they wish to have done with their corporeal remains.


Gravespeakers can be found traveling from town to town, offering their services where they go. Because of their connection to death and necromancy, they are not welcome in everywhere and tend to not stay in one place very long. However, as soon as their services are required this predisposition tends to fade to the background and their presence is seen as a blessing. In some large cities where death happens daily, gravespeakers are able to provide their services without being scorned by society and commonly live a relatively simple life in monasteries and temples.
Alternative Names
Spirit Speaker
Post-Mortem Inquisitor


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