Halls of the Sentinels

The Halls of the Sentinels are a series of corridors in concentric circles where the Bright Sentinels of Naldorec are honored. Beneath the city of Thog'Naldar, the people honor their heroes of the past and present.   The entrance to the halls itself is guarded by the city guard. Most citizens do not enter the halls themselves, but use the entrance as a shrine to the Bright Sentinels and indirectly to Thodir. The halls themselves consist of circular corridors with shallow alcoves on both sides. The arches of these alcoves hold immense stained glass depictions of the Bright Sentinel they are dedicated to. These stained glass windows often show the person at their most heroic or memorable moment. The windows are made of a combination of tinted glasses that have been imported as well as the Naldorese Amniteum glass.   As long as a Bright Sentinel lives, enchanted crystals light up their alcove from the inside, casting a colorful display of light into the corridor. When a sentinel passes away, the light from the crystal dims, but never fully extinguishes. It is believed that the light only extinguishes when the Sentinel has been forgotten. The halls are a monument and memorial of sorts as most Bright Sentinels choose to be laid to rest inside their alcoves. Those who choose to not to be interred into the halls usually have their axe, hammer or sword put here instead as a relic of sorts.
Alternative Names
Halls of the Bright Sentinels
The Glass Halls
Sentinel's Rest
Temple of the Sentinels
Parent Location


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