Infusion Stones

Wondrous Item, Rarity varies

Infusion stones are small, seemingly quite ordinary pebbles. Some are perfect round spheres, and others are more oval or irregular in shape. These stones hold the remarkable ability to transform the properties of liquids and are typically created by blending techniques and methods of Alchemical Transference and Crystal Infusion.

Alchemical Pebble

Infusion Stones are crafted by skilled alchemists who imbue each stone with specific properties. They are about the size of a large marble that can fit through the opening of most bottles and come in a variety of colors and textures, each indicating a different type of infusion.

Immerse to Infuse

To activate an Infusion Stone, it must be immersed in a liquid. Water is most commonly used due to its neutral properties and ready availability but other liquids can also be transformed. For instance, infusing the stone in a potion might amplify its existing properties or add new ones. Once submerged, the stone begins to infuse the liquid, changing its properties over time. The longer an infusion stone remains inside the liquid, the more powerful the resulting product will be. As the infusion process occurs, subtle changes can often be observed in the liquid. These may include color shifts, the appearance of swirling patterns or a soft glow. These signs indicate the magic at work and can indicate the progress of the infusion.

Tight Seal

Throughout the process of infusion, the vessel containing the liquid needs to remain sealed, as opening it will disrupt the delicate balance of the magical and alchemical reactions occurring within. The seal ensures that the essence of the infusion stone and the liquid are contained and concentrated, allowing them to properly intermingle and react. When the vessel is opened, the infusion stone typically dissipates instantly in the liquid. A simple cork is typically used, but some alchemists argue a more tight and secure sealing method is preferred in some cases to prevent the infusion from failing.


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