Alchemical Transference

Alchemical Transference is the term given to the practice of infusing magical properties into items by using material with magical properties (often liquids or vapors). It is considered a form of Enchanting. In its most basic form it is an extremely slow enchanting process and can be quite costly. However, it is very reliable and very simple.  

Transfering Process

The item or object that is to be enchanted is cleaned and sanetized before it is placed within a container.The container is then completely filled with an alchemical liquid or vapor so that the item is submerged. Sometimes the item is suspended with wires within the container so that it is in the center of the liquid or vapor. Depending on the quality of the alchemical substance, it may take several months before the item absorbs the magical properties. Porous materials such as woods and cloth easily absorb the liquid, increasing the speed (and usually the quality) of the alchemical transference. This is also the reason why timber barrels are not commonly used to conduct alchemical transference, but metal containers (specifically lead or copper) are preferred. Another option is to turn a liquid into a paste and encase the item in this paste. This reduces the amount of elixir or vapor required. However, this is more labor intensive as the paste needs to be kept at a certain humidity. Too dry, and the paste cracks and crumbles, too wet and it may drip or slip off the item. Even when the paste method is used, the item is usually put in a lead or copper container to restrict the arcane energy from going anywhere else and keep the humidity levels as consistent as possible.  

Efficiency, Effectiveness and Effects

Because Alchemy and the entire process of brewing certain alchemical compounds and substances is already quite expensive and requires a lot of knowledge, Alchemical Transference is quite costly. Therefore, it is not common to see large items enchanted in this way, such as suits of armor or even large weapons such as pikes, lances and halberds. This method is more commonly used for arrowheads, slingbullets, daggers, darts and even simple jewelry items like rings and pendants. Because of their ability to absorb liquids easily, shirts, dresses and other clothing items are also easy to enchant in this way.   The effects of the enchantment are commonly the same as the effects of the alchemical substance that was used. If not infused in enough of the compound, if the compound is weak, or subjected long enough to the compound, the effects may be sub par. It is also not uncommon for items enchanted in this way to lose their magic over time, although this may take several decades or intense use of the item.
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