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Lifedrain Mark

Minor Necromancy Curse (Object)

Description. A lifedrain mark is a type of curse that is intentionally put on a weapon or armor during its creation. It commonly makes the weapon stronger, at the cost of draining the lifeforce of the person using it. Weapons with a Lifedrain Mark are sometimes also possessed or sentient, making them bloodthirsty entities.   Effects. A creature holding this Cursed weapon has disadvantage on all Constitution saving throws, but gains a +1 bonus to weapon attack rolls with this weapon. When a creature makes a successful attack with a weapon Cursed in this way, they deal an additional weapon damage die of Necrotic damage to their target. The attacker takes an amount of damage equal to half of the extra Necrotic damage dealt. Breaking. This curse cannot be broken with the Remove Curse spell, but this spell does break the attunement to the weapon if there is any.
Type of Magic
School of Magic


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