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When you cross one of the bridges onto the Isle of the Cat in the city of Rornach, you are met by soft tones of romantic music in the streets and fragrant smells of chocolate, incense and roses. At least, that is what it is like during the day. At night, the streets are filled with the sensual moans of delight coming from the brothels and rambunctious laughter and shouting from the many taverns and inns. Needless to say, the smells accompanying these sounds are also far from pleasant.   Luxuria can be divided in two parts, Upper Luxuria and Lower Luxuria. The upper parts of the Isle of the Cat is where the more expensive and high class establishments are located. Wheras in the lower parts of the island you may find the cheaper options that are available to the people with a slightly smaller coin purse.  

Sugar and Spice

The district of Luxuria offers many ways to spend the night. Whether you wish to eat and drink, sleep or share a bed with someone, you are sure to be able to find a place to spend your coin on Luxuria in one of the many taverns, inns and brothels.  


  • The Owls Castle
  • The White Piano
  • Gentle Skies
  • The Drunken Hammer
  • The Second Bird
  • The Tiny Potato Pub
  • Brew and Chew
  • Cat’s tail tavern
  • Inns

  • The Cumulus
  • The Mouse
  • The Giantess Inn
  • Cat’s Paw
  • Brothels

  • The Violet Throne
  • House of Pillows
  • The Red Door
  • The Wishing Well

    And everything nice

    There are many tiny shops and boutiques on Luxuria, many selling delicacies, gifts, clothes and other luxury goods that one might require for their romantic or erotic adventures. These are some of the well known shops in the districts  


  • Loco Coco (Chocolate)
  • Shiny Schmuck (Jewelry)
  • Syldan’s Boutique (Fine Clothes)
  • The Satin Salon (Fine Clothes)
  • Andrei's Flowers (Florist
  • L’ambergris (Perfume)
  • The Lovely Leaf (Tea)
  • The Harping Harpy (Music instruments)
  • Alternative Name(s)
    Isle of the Cat
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