Leonia L'Avaro

Envoy of Luxuria, Madamme L'Avaro can often be seen parading the streets of Rornach with impeccable grace and decorum while wearing the most exquisite and oppulent clothing. Leonia has an allure that turns the heads of both men and women alike. With a compliment and a smile Leonia is able to keep control of the Isle of the Cat, seemingly without effort   Leonia is a charming woman, and the people of Rornach idolize her sense of style and beauty. As the Envoy of Luxuria, Leonia is responsible for the leadership of the district. She holds close ties to the owners of the inns, taverns and brothels of the isle of the cat, who have taken on a form of responsibility to make sure any criminal activity is stopped in its tracks. Because of this, the city's guards often are given tips or information from the people working during the nightly hours about the ongoings of the district that might need to be investigated.  

Musical Madamme

Madamme L'Avaro is also the owner of the Harping Harpy, a small boutique where she keeps a collection of various musical instruments. Leonia believes that an instrument is something extremely personal and will not just sell anything to anyone walking into her establishment. The people living in the district of Luxuria know that Leonia's sense of style is only outmatched by her talent on the harp. It is told that Leonia rose to the position of Envoy after playing a ballad on her harp to the Duke of Rornach, Stolz. Some even whisper that Stolz fell in love with the lady, but she broke his heart when she told him in a song that she could not reciprocate his love for her.
Envoy of Luxuria
Envoy of the Cat
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
6623 AV 115 Years old
Wavy black curls
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.80m (5'11")
72kg (158 Ibs)
Aligned Organization


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