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Origamiracle Paper

Origamiracle paper is a type of magical paper made of Trueply Paper that is capable of being animated when folded into the proper shape. Most Origamiracle Paper is capable of folding itself into complex shapes and forms when a certain word is written on it. It is a fun but also powerful material, with a wide range of practical uses.

Folding Magic

Origamiracle paper is a type of magical paper that is capable of folding itself into complex shapes and forms using magic. When a word or phrase is written on the paper, it will magically fold itself into a shape. Each sheet of origramiracle paper can only be folded into one certain shape, such as a specific animal or object. The paper only folds itself if the corresponding word is written, writing other words on the paper has no effect. Certain Origamiracle paper requires specific or magical inks to be used properly, but most work with any type of writing implement. Origamiracle paper can also be folded in advance, these types of items might require the user to pull a paper tab, speak a command word or write a tiny word or symbol on a surface of the object.   After the paper has been activated, the shape grows to a lifelike size, it will remain in that form for a limited period of time, depending on the amount of magical energy imbued into it. Creatures come to life, and objects can be used, but the creature or item is usually susceptible to damage, as it is still made of paper. Once the magic dissipates, the paper is destroyed. However, some origamiracle papers return to their original, flat form if they are not too badly damaged, and can be used multiple times.

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