Shield Origamiracle

Common Wondrous Item

Fold into Existence. You can use an action to write the word 'Shield' on this paper using any kind of writing implement, in a language of your choice. When you do, the paper magically folds and shapes itself into a small paper shield. You can use a bonus action to speak a command word while holding this tiny shield to turn it into a strong, full sized shield made of magically folded and compressed paper. This shield functions like a normal shield in combat, but you you may speak the command word again to change the shield back to its small paper form.   The writing is magically erased from the paper after 24 hours have passed since you wrote the activation word, the shield then turns back into a single sheet of paper. If you take 10 or more Fire damage in a single round, roll a d20, on a 1 the shield turns to ash, on any other number the shield turns back into a single sheet of paper. After it is turned back into a single sheet of paper, it can be transformed again after 8 hours have passed.
Variant of
Origamiracle Paper


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