Paper Pig

The Paper Pig is a small inn on the Isle of the Boar. It is owned by the Envoy of Gula: Ren Milbond. The establishment was named after the first 'sign' that was used when the inn was first opened: A poorly made papier-mâché pig that dangled from a pole. The original name of the inn was 'The Milboar Inn' but that name never stuck so Ren decided to officially rename the inn one year after its opening.   The Paper Pig is famous for it's homebrewed beer: Snout Stout. Which was traditionally brewed in the basement of the inn but is now produced at a larger scale outside of the city of Rornach. The Paper Pig is not that big and only features a few rooms for visitors to spend the night and the bar itself is not that large either. Over the years this exclusivity has not driven up the prices though, and the hospitality is as great as ever. During warm months of the year, tables and chairs are set outside to increase seating capacity threefold and make it possible to serve more guests the fine food and drink offered by the inn.


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