Ren Milbond

Ren Millbond is the current Envoy of Gula. The portly halfling man is not only the Envoy of the Boar, he is also the owner of a number of the taverns, delicatessen and a butcher shop on the island. During festivals and festivities in the city of Rornach, much of the food and drink is provided by the businesses owned by Ren Milbond.   Ren started his life in Toxbach as the heir of the Millbond family estate and famous Milbond Paper Mill. However, Ren had different tastes and aspirations and left the Toxbach to find his own destiny. He traveled to the city of Rornach at the young age of seventeen. There, he worked in several taverns, inns and breweries on the Isle of the Boar to learn the fine details of hospitality.   He learned quickly as he apprenticed under several expert chefs and master brewers to become a cullinary expert and soon opened his first inn: The Paper Pig. Over the years, Ren has started multiple hospitality, food and drink businesses within the city and because of this he either deals or socializes with almost every innkeep, brewer and chef within the city. This network keeps Ren informed about any goings-on of the city and rumors or secrets shared over a mug of ale. Because of his efforts, his renown and influence have grown over time to a point that he has been elected the Envoy of Gula by the citizens of Rornach. This vote was swiftly approved by the other six members of the Council of Rornach, who had also noticed the benefits of the influence and information Ren has access to.
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
6679 AV 59 Years old
Buzz cut, brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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