Mighty Conjuration Curse (Location)

Description. An area can become cursed with a Planebreak curse as a result of energies from powerful planar magic. Such energy might be placed in an area on purpose to curse it, or originate from the residual energies from interplanar or interdimensional portals and rifts. Planebroken areas vary in size, they can be the size of a single room in a castle, or span the width of an entire forest. Planebroken areas can become a danger to reality itself as they tear apart the fabric and balance of the dimensional planes.   Effects. When a creature enters a Planebreak cursed area for the first time, or when they end their turn in the area, they have to roll a Wisdom saving throw (DC 22). A creature that is under the effect of a Protection from Good and Evil spell or similar magic makes this saving throw with advantage. On a failed save they 4d10 Psychic damage. Roll a d100, on a 6 or lower, the creature and any creature that is in physical contact with them, Planeshifts to a random location on another plane of existence. This can be any location on any plane of existence that is tied to the origins of this cursed area. If the origins are unknown, the destination can be randomly determined or chosen by the gamemaster. On a successful save they only take half damage and are immune to this curse for the next minute.   Breaking. Breaking the entire curse depends on the magnitude and intensity of the magic that fuels it. Closing any magic portals or dimensional rifts in the area and within 200ft. of it is needed first for any part of the curse to be broken. The Dispel Magic spell can clear a 10ft. cube of the effect, for each level cast above 3rd, this cube is increased by 10ft. in size. If the entire area is not cleared, this area is becomes affected by the curse again after 24 hours have passed.
Type of Magic
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