Prismatic Bloodfever

Source: Prismatic bloodfever can be contracted from handling raw Prismatic Clay or being the target of a spell such as Prismatic Spray that is cast by a creature that lives in the vicinity of prismatic clay. When a creature comes into contact with this clay or is the target of such a spell, they have to make a Constitution saving throw (DC 16). On a failed save they will experience the following symptoms and effects.
  Symptoms: Directly after contracting the disease, the creature becomes feverish, and feels physically weaker. After they have slept, the creature's blood turns from red into a different color. The color is seemingly random, and changes again every time the creature goes to sleep. Depending on the color of blood, the creature experiences varying side-effects.
  Effects: A -2 penalty to their Constitution and Strength score, after every long rest, roll on the table below to determine the color of the blood and the additional effect that are tied to it. The additional effect is remains active as long as the creature's blood is that color. If the result is the same as the current color of the creature's blood, roll again.
  Prismatic Bloodfever Colors
d8 Color Effects
1 Pink Advantage on Charisma ability checks
2 Purple Movement speed increased by 10ft.
3 Blue Can sense magic as per the Detect Magic spell
4 Cyan Can understand all spoken languages
5 Green Maximum hit points increased by 10
6 Yellow +2 bonus to Wisdom score
7 Orange Resistance to Acid and Poison damage
8 Red Disease is completely cured
Cure: Lesser Restoration or a spell of similar level or strength. Alternatively the disease can be cured over time if the creature rolls an 8 on the table to turn the blood back to red.
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Aug 24, 2023 18:52 by Kydra

Love this! I can think of about three of my own TTRPG characters that would find ways to constantly re-up the disease on themselves. There are so many great ways to use something like this!

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