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Prismatic Clay

Prismatic Clay is a type of clay that to this day has only been found Azuno. it is primarily found deep in the jungle in the vicinity of the roots of the Astris Tree, but has also occasionally been found near some rivers and creeks in Sonvahar . It is a rather rare resource, and is often collected carefully so that the ecosystem it is in is not disturbed and may produce more clay over time. The natural color of the clay varies depending on how deep in the earth it is found. This is the reason why prismatic clay can have a stunning array of hues in its unprocessed form.

Artist's Clay

Prismatic clay is a much sought after resource for sculptors and potters but must be used carefully in its unprocessed form, as it can induce Prismatic Bloodfever. If properly used, the many colors of the clay make for unique pieces and artwork. However, as the clay is fired, it can dramatically change color so knowledge of how certain colors of prismatic clay shifts into other shades, is important in order to get the desired result.

Prismatic Pigments

Prismatic Clay is also used as a pigment for paints. The paint is usually produced by Alchemistswho have the skills and equipment to process the clay. They typically mix the paint with water or oil and blend it to a thinner consistency. Then, they apply heat or freeze the mixture. Depending on the duration and intensity of the temperature, the mixture changes color. The color of the mixture is then permanently set through a number of steps that commonly include drying and rehydrating the paint. Some alchemist's have developed extra steps to create unique paints such as pigment that shimmer with irridescence in sunlight, or apear as a shining gold. In any case, an alchemist's skill is proven by the wide spectrum of colors they can make out of a batch of clay.
  Not only the color is important, because alchemists have also applied Alchemical Transference, Elemental Absorption and other forms of enchanting to imbue the paint with magical properties or turn it into a material with which enchantments can be made. This is not because the clay absorbs magical energies well, but has developed through the wish of enchanters to use these vibrant paints for their projects and requesting alchemists to infuse the paint with some magical properties.

Powerful Paint

The clay as well as the paints are incredibly vibrant and are used throughout the world by artists and craftspeople. It is also used in the Azun tradition of Arta Gecko and in the production of Magitech devices to properly color code and mark different parts and mechanisms since the paint is not affected by errant magical energies and can even be used to conduct or restrain those forces. However, the true power of prismatic clay is unlocked after the paints and pigments made from it are enchanted. These can be used for colorful expressions of Runic Inscription or to dye threads with wonderous colors which can be used in Spell Stitching or Transcendental Weaving. It is because of all these properties that the paint is so beloved by experts and masters in their crafts and has found its way to many places across the world, despite the fact that it is so rare and expensive.
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