Return Bind

Mighty Conjuration Curse (Location)

Description. The Return Bind is a sinister enchantment, a form of magical imprisonment used to ensnare creatures within a designated locale. This curse is primarily cast on specific locations as a means of containment or protection. It works by creating an invisible, magical boundary that reacts to the passage of living beings. The origins of such curses can vary wildly from powerful spellcasters to the a result of ancient, forgotten magics. The curse is versatile and can be tailored to various scales, from a single room to an entire region. Historically, it has been used to protect sacred grounds, imprison malevolent entities, and even as a method of imprisonment or puplation control.   Effects. The primary effect of the Return Bind is the involuntary teleportation of any person who attempts to leave the cursed area. Once an individual crosses the threshold of the cursed boundary, they become a target of the curse’s pull. The curse lies dormant until such a time as the affected individual attempts to leave the area. Upon doing so, they find themselves inexplicably and suddenly teleported back to the closest border of the zone or to somewhere else within the cursed zone. The delay before the teleportation effect occurs may vary, depending on the scale of the area, the amount of creatures cursed and attempting to escape the area, as well as the general power of the curse. It has been observed that the larger the cursed area is, the longer the delay typically is before teleportation. The delay can range from mere moments to several hours or even days.
  Breaking. Dispelling the Return Bind can be a challenging endeavor, especially for larger areas where the curse’s strength is exponentially greater. For smaller, more confined spaces, a simple Remove Curse spell, cast by a capable magic user, is often sufficient to break the enchantment. However, for those trapped within larger cursed areas, escape becomes significantly more complex. Some have found success through teleportation spells or by shifting to different dimensions or planes of existence. However, there are recorded instances where the Return Bind's potency is so great that it can extend its influence beyond the confines of the material plane, dragging its victims back even from other dimensions. In such cases, breaking the curse often requires actions that demand significant arcane knowledge and skill, which may involve the unraveling of the curse's arcane weave or neutralizing the source of its power.
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