Sea Giant

Salt giants make their home far beneath the waves, between the coral and seaweed, and even in the places where the sunlight does not reach. According to legend, these giants have left the surface world eons ago to be able to lead a more peaceful life in the briny depths.   Deep Thinkers. In contrast to some of their other giant brethren, sea giants are naturally pretty intelligent but most of all really enjoy the process of problem solving and thinking of solutions. When confronted with complex problems, sea giants will tend to find a place of solitude away from others that might distract them. Spending weeks or even months in solitude in a hidden cove or seaweed forest is not uncommon for a sea giant with a particularly head splitting problem.   Family Friendly. Sea giants do not live in large communities, they usually stick together in small families of a maximum of two generations and up to ten individuals. Sea giant families are very close, so creatures that are able to befriend a single sea giant, usually befriend their entire family as well. Conversely, harming
Sea Giant
or mistreating a single giant will probably antagonize their kin as well. Sea giant children are taught almost everything by their own parents from language, to survival skills but also family secrets and stories. When they come of age, they will leave the family to find a partner and start their own family to pass on their knowledge to the next generation.     Move with the Currents. The depths are always in motion and goes through many changes through the effects of strong sea currents and the shifting of tectonic plates. Creatures migrate through the seasons and storms above the waves may cause material from the surface world to sink to the bottom of the ocean. Seat giants are acclimated to this shifting landscape and do not call a single place their home. Instead they tend to live in several places choosing their home for that time depending on which is most comfortable and quiet for that moment. Unknowing explorers of the deep might think they are in an empty cove and be caught off-guard by a family of sea giants that have just come back to their home.   Adapted. Life underwater has turned sea giants into strong swimmers. They usually have muscled arms and chests and their webbed hands and feet allow for a lot of water displacement when swimming. Sea giants have evolved and developed not only the ability to breathe underwater but have also gained innate magical abilities to shape and animate the water itself, which allows them to propel themselves even faster through the water. Sea giants are able to use these abilities offensively by projecting the water forcefully at their targets. Some stories from sailors event tell of sea giants that caused giant maelstroms with these powers.
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