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Shiverbone Hex

Major Evocation Curse (Creature)

Description. This curse is often cast by hermits and lone sages living in arctic territories on unwanted guests and trespassers to weaken them or make the frozen lands even more inhospitable.   Effects. When a creature is subjected to the Shiverbone Hex, they have to make a Constitution saving throw (DC 16). On a failed save they become Cursed. While Cursed in this way, they become vulnerable to Cold damage. A creature that is immune to Cold damage becomes resistant, a creature that is resistant loses its resistance. Any magic items or potions that grant the creature resistance or immunity to Cold damage no longer grant this feature while the creature is Cursed.   Breaking. The curse can only be broken by consuming a Potion of Fire Resistance or after being the target of a Remove Curse spell for three consecutive days.
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