Stone of Bravery

Artifact, Wondrous Item
Requires attunement

This artifact was created through powerful transmutation magic used on the crown of the blood queen Varoda. One of the seven pieces of the crown and one seventh of the queen's magic power were fused into this large, blood red crystal. Previous owners of the stone have tried to keep it hidden away from diviniation magic, as it could attract power hungry individuals or those who would seek to free the Red Queen from her banishment. Although it holds great power, to wield it comes at a great cost.   Price of Power. Before you can become attuned to the artifact, you must kill a creature of your own alignment. You then have to spend 24 hours with the item without taking a short or long rest to fully attune to it. Once you are attuned to the stone, it changes to the size of one of your fingers and hovers in front of your forehead. You can use the stone as a spellcasting focus.   Royal Bravery. While you are attuned to this artifact, you gain the following benefits.
  • You gain a +1 bonus to spell attack rolls and your spell save DC.
  • Your Dexterity score increases to 22, if it is already equal to or greater than 22, the item has no effect on your Dexterity score.
  • You and allies within 30ft. of you are immune to being Frightened.
  • When you roll a 1 on the die on an attack roll, you have advantage on the next attack roll you make.
  Foolhardy. While attuned to this artifact, your AC is reduced by 2 and you only gain half of the bonus to AC from shields. Additionally you have disadvantage on all Charisma based ability checks against creatures with a level or CR equal or higher than your own level.
Stone of Bravery
Alternative Names
Blood Crystal
The Seventh Key
The Key of Pride
Part of
Keys of the Crimson Queen
Umil Herzen
Uman Herzen
Ioniva Phatentia
High King of Wolfsbrunn


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