Items in The Sea of Starlight
Hundreds of magic items to equip your characters or NPCs with!

Items by Rarity

Common - Uncommon



Amniteum Amulet
Amniteum Buckler
Amniteum Glass Bullets
Amulet of the Frog
Amulet of the Living Statue
Angelic Aroma Incense
Arcane Detection Candle
Arcanis Magnetica Gloves
Arrow of Misdirection
Athorean Jagged Javelin
Bardsong Brownie
Beauty Sleep Mask
Berserker's Eyeliner
Big Game Hunter’s Arrow
Bittercandy Taffy
Black-Out Candle
Blade of the Empire
Blade of the Northern Tribe
Bluecreek Salts
Bola Arrow
Boltforge Gauntlet
Bone White Nail Polish
Bonewrought Kneesmasher
Book of Holding
Boots of the Fiendish Deceiver
Brass Blossom Pipe
Bright Yellow Runechalk
Brineheart’s Favorite Coat
Buzzbee Candy
Chain Shirt of Favorable Winds
Charming Pink Runechalk
Chime of Closing
Cinderflare Caltrops
Clarification Salt
Clearscript Candle
Cloud Giant's Dessert Fork
Cloudy Gray Runechalk
Coin of Draconic Luck
Coinbox of Holding
Combustion Boots
Concealer of the Unnoticed
Concealer of the Unseen
Concealer of the Untrue
Cornucopeia of the Harvest
Cream of the Forest
Creme of the Tundra
Crystalline Crusher
Cuirass of the Steadfast Shaman
Curseward Talisman
Dawngrass Token
Decanter of Honesty
Detonation Dart
Disintegration Key
Distraction Bullets
Doortowall Key
Dragon Satchel
Dustblast Caltrops
Earring of Whisper
Ethereal Silver Eyeliner
Explosive Arrow
Fetch and Fletch Quiver
Feysugar Fudge
Feysugar Gummy Snake
Feysugar Lollipop
Fiendish Stench Incense
Fixing Stitcher
Flame Red Runechalk
Forceflurry Bolt
Forgeheart Gloves
Frog's Friend Band
Frostnova Glypherine
Gambeson of the Mossy Grove
Gapcloser 2000
Gavel of the Potion Prince
Gelatinous Sword
Giant's Bane Blade
Gloomdoctor's Vaporizer
Gloves of the Amphibian
Goodberry Sapling
Grand Depth Candle
Greataxe of the Hills
Gripstone Gauntlets
Hag's Eye Talisman
Hag's Haggling Token
Havoc Sword
Hearth Warmth Candle
Hellforge Accident X251.B
Holographic Wall Apparatus
Ikrian Gloves
Imitation Putty
Impsting Stylus
Inawanic Shortbow
Incense of Lesser Invigoration
Infusion Stone of Blessing
Infusion Stone of Poison
Jade Handaxe
Jade Xiphos
Kindlespark Wand
L’Arcana #23
Liar's Tell Candle
Librarian's Cudgel
Liespotter Eyeliner
Lifelove Lollipop
Lightning Arrow
Lilypad Token
Lipgloss of the Beastspeaker
Lipgloss of the Gravespeaker
Lipgloss of the Treespeaker
Lovestrike Glypherine
Luck Key
Lunar Scimitar
Magister's Eyeliner
Magister's Mints
Magma Pickaxe
Malachite of the Mountain
Mallet of the Mossy Grove
Manyvoice Mask
Map Beacons
Merfolk Skirt
Midnight Black Runechalk
Misty Steppers
Monocle of Translation
Mystical Purple Nail Polish
Naldorese Plate Armor
Navy Blue Runechalk
Nebulantium Supplement
Nightward Candle
Nimbus Bullet
Novice's Keenstone
Oakleaf Axe
Oakleaf Shield
Ogre Mage's Talisman
Orb of the Dryad
Pen of Infinite Ink
Plasmacoil Whip
Powdered Shadow
Prismatic Flute
Purifying Waterskin
Quartz of the Breeze
Quill of Lies
Quiver of the Forest
Ratravish Glypherine
Remodeled Spellpistol
Ring of the Blinding Eye
Robes of the Sleepwalker
Rod of Slipping
Royal Purple Runechalk
Ruby Evertorch
Runestylus of Naturalism
Runestylus of Subterfuge
Sage's Rest Candle
Salve of the Senses
Sanctified Gilded Skull
Sandals of the Wavewalker
Seafarer’s Map Table
Seer's Mirror
Shadowbark Greatclub
Shadowbark Longbow
Shady Gray Nail Polish
Shield of the Roc
Shimmering Red Nail Polish
Shining Opal Nail Polish
Shoes of Tippy Tappy
Sickle of the Stillwind Acolyte
Silver Owl Hairdye
Silver Snow Blade
Silver Snow Bow
Silver Snow Glaive
Silver Snow Greatsword
Silver Snow Seax
Silver Snow Sword
Sky Blue Runechalk
Socks of Finding
Spectral Blue Nail Polish
Spellforged Throwing Buckler
Sphere of Unknown Origins
Spikes of Alarm
Spiritbinder Net
Splitting Dart
Staff of the Guiding Light
Stalker's Dart
Starfish Hand Wraps
Steelfin Axe
Steelfin Cutlass
Steelfin Knife
Stingray Rapier
Syringe Rapier
Talisman of the Satyr
Tangleseed Arrow
Telescopic Stabber
Tempest Step Anklet
The Lucky Dragonfly
Tightrope Treads
Tiny Duck Crown
Token of the Sea Speaker
Toothpaste of Frosty Breath
Toothpaste of Water Breathing
Totem of Tongues
Trickster Glove
Trident of Murky Waters
Tunic of the Winged Shield
Tuning Sword
Twin Serpent Staff
Urn of the Ancestral Warrior
Vest of Slow Descent
Vine Green Runechalk
Violet Bag of Spellybeans
Wand of Tooth Decay
Warm Orange Runechalk
Wildspeech Stones
Willow’s Whisper
Wingclip Bolt
Winged Flask
Witchy Winegum
Wraps of the Monkey



Alabaster White Runechalk
Amulet of the Everfrost Spire
Amulet of the Huntress
Amulet of the Warmage
Anchor Dart
Ankoyan Sabre
Apprentice's Keenstone
Arm of the Iron Flame
Armor of Entanglement
Armor of the Tundra Ranger
Axe of the Bright Sentinel
Axe of the Cobalt Reaver
Axe of the Scarab
Bag of Bones
Band of the Firm Grip
Band of the Runebinder
Barnaby's Big Bubblegum Bullet
Basilisk Bolt
Batrush Glaive
Batswarm Spike
Battle Toolbox
Bell of the Bronze Mausoleum
Bite of the Great White
Bittercandy Apple
Black Market Exchange Chest
Blade of Bound Phantoms
Blade of the Deep One
Blessed Bow of the Black Glacier
Bloodline Scroll
Blowgun of Bolts
Blue Tweeter
Boreal Forgehammer
Boreal Sea Harpoon
Boreal Spellpistol
Boulder's Bane Mallet
Bouldertoss Bracers
Bow of the Azure Fury
Bow of the Wandering Centaur
Bracelets of the Iron Serpent
Bracer of the Emerald Stag
Bracers of the Sea Giant
Breastplate of the Azure Fury
Breastplate of the Ruby Sanctum
Bright Ice Pickaxe
Brightwood Wanderer’s Staff
Brightwood Warden’s Cloak
Brightwood Warrior’s Blade
Burden of the Castaway
Call of the North
Cannonshot Sling
Catcurse Caltrops
Censer of the Jade Legion
Chisel of Awakening
Chromatic Collar
Chronoflux Armor
Clairvoyant's Bane Candle
Cloak of Solitude
Cloak of the Cobra
Cloak of the First Snow
Cloudspun Robes
Coat of Sanguine Defense
Coffee Toffee Quick Sticks
Coldforged Chain Mail
Contract of the Green Coven
Copycat Codex
Coreshard Flail
Cream of the Mountain
Crown of the Mountain Queen
Curse Jar
Cursebreaker’s Cutlass
Dagger of the Azure Fury
Dangersense Trident
Distilled Acid Arrow
Duality Blade
Efreeti’s Kusarigama
Eldergrove Orb
Eldergrove Ring
Examiner's Helmet
Executioner's Remorse
Eye of the Deep One
Facethief Mask
Fang of the Forgotten Behemoth
Farmer's Fancy Flute
Felfire Spellgun
Festering Cudgel
Feyflame Candle
Feysugar Gummy Owlbear
Fire Giant Chef's Tenderizer
Flashfire Bullets
Flute of Purification
Fomorian Eye Shield
Forceclasp Glypherine
Forceforged Decimator
Frost Reaper
Frostbite Caltrops
Gauntlet of Adni
Gauntlet of the Golden Touch
Gauntlet of Vesz
Giant Shark Origamiracle
Gift of the Cobalt Capricorn
Gilded Vision Eyeliner
Glaive of the Autumn Court
Glaive of the Oni Prince
Gloves of the Great Wolf
Gloves of the Verdant Sentry
Gourdlord's Grin
Gown of the Spellscribe
Grave Grasp Caltrops
Gravedigger’s Staff
Greater Nebulantium Supplement
Halberd of the Northern Tribe
Halberd of the Summer Court
Hammer of Petrified Roots
Hammer of the Bright Sentinel
Hand Wraps of the Gathering Storm
Hat of the Cloud Coven
Heka of the Celestial Sovereign
Hood of the Deceiver
Horselord’s Curved Blade
Howl of the Iron Hound
Incense of Greater Invigoration
Infusion Stone of Healing
Infusion Stone of Restoration
Iron Deconstructor
Jar of the Baboon
Jar of the Falcon
Jar of the Jackal
Jar of the Man
Key of Life
Khopesh of Sacred Glyphs
Khopesh of the Desert Tempest
Kraken Seer's Eyepatch
Kraken's Lash
Kunai of the Banished Lotus
La Guillotina
Lance of the Winter Court
Lava Punchers
Lava Stompers
Ledger of the Loremaster
Lesser Conjuration Clay
Lich Breath Grenade
Lightforged Chakram
Lightning Bowstring
Loco Coco Hocus Pocus Bonbon
Lorevault Armor
Lullaby Lamb
Magebane Spear
Magitech Aviation Apparatus
Mantadrake Stinger Dart
Marble Mallet
Marking Eye
Mask of the Broken Acolyte
Mask of the Raven Disciple
Mask of the Witchdoctor
Memorial of the Forgotten Paragon
Mercury Smoke Grenade
Merfolk Blade
Messenger's Mirror
Midwinter Mittens
Mintberry Soap
Mossy Grove Boulderbasher
Mountainguard’s Greataxe
Mudslide Caltrops
Nekhakha of the Celestial Sovereign
Oakleaf Armor
Ol' Shipwrecker
Pearl Guard Armor
Pendant of the Dreamer
Phasethrough Crystal
Piano Figurine
Piercer of the Purple Rose
Pike of the Scribeguard
Pike of the Spring Court
Pixie Dust
Pixysteed Horseshoe
Plainstalker's Cloak
Poison Ink Beads
Poisonburst Glypherine
Powerpunch Arrow
Primal Staff of the Queen Bee
Prince Kadmius' Smile
Professor Blackwood's Ladle
Quicksand Ring
Quicksilver Flail
Quicksilver Whip
Rainbringer's Staff
Random Axe of Kindness
Rapier of the Black Rose
Rapier of the Mirror Image
Raven's Edge
Ravenwhisper's Hat
Red Astris Wand
Redglass Blowpipe
Redspark Crucible
Remedial Bucket of Frost
Remnant of the Defeated
Repurposed Eyestalk
Ring of Divination
Ring of Fey's Demise
Ring of the Lone Captain
Ring of the Prying Eye
Ring of the Scrying Eye
Ring of the Shining Eye
Ring of the Smiling Sphinx
Ring of the Spying Eye
Ritual Dagger of the Moon
Rod of the Arbor Abode
Rod of the Frozen Refuge
Ruby Blade
Runecarved Tuskbow
Runestylus of Accuracy
Runestylus of Elementalism
Runestylus of Ferocity
Runestylus of Occultism
Runestylus of Protection
Runestylus of Warding
Saint's Blessing Candle
Sanctified Stake Bolt
Sandrina Sweettooth's Rainbow Cane
Sapphire Claws
Satchel of Sustenance
Scalpel of the Blooddrainer
Scepter of Illumination
Scout’s Arrow
Scrapper’s Stormcharged Buckler
Scrollcase Rod
Sea Snail Flail
Seahorse Staff
Seax of the Everwinter Syndicate
Shadow of the Mimic
Shadowbark Breastplate
Shadowbark Quarterstaff
Shadowbark Shield
Shadowborn’s Second Skin
Shadowglass Dagger
Shadowglass Shortsword

Very Rare - Legendary

Very Rare

Alchemist’s Medicine Maker
Amulet of the Indispensable
Amulet of the Purple Nova
Angel's Sorrow
Arcanamech Arm
Arcane Conduction Armor
Arcanist's Diamondtip Arrow
Ardent Enforcer
Armor of Atomlesztes
Armor of the Lionheart
Armor of the Mender
Arthanox the Malevolent
Astrisroot Bow
Astristroot Blade
Astriswalker Token
Auroran Edge
Axe of the Chromatic Queen
Banshee Arrow
Barbazu's Glyphed Glaive
Bifocals of the Basilisk
Blackroot Blade
Blade of Our Angel of Sorrows
Blade of the Corrupted Lotus
Blasting Key
Blood Oath Pike
Bloodbinder’s Whip
Bond of the Red Queen
Capt'n Mike’s Peg Leg
Chalice of the Blood Oath
Circlet of the Phoenix
Claws of the Ocean's Champion
Cleaver of Paranoia
Cloak of the Ibis
Cloak of the River's Splendor
Cloak of the Scarlet Macaw
Cloak of the Secluded Garden
Consecrated Battlestandard
Crimson Amplifier
Crown of the Great Wolf
Dagger of the Fallen Celestial
Death Knight's Helmet
Defender’s Mantle
Didgeridoo of the Stormchaser
Dimensional Compass
Disc of the Tempest
Echo of the Abyss
Edge of the Onyx Sands
Edge of the Zephyr
Elderam's Gift
Eldergrove Robes
Flask of Unknown Horrors
Forgemaster’s Warhammer
Frogmorph Caltrops
Gloves of the Wellspring
Goblet of the Crimson Lady
Grand Archivist's Crown
Greataxe of the Toxic Oasis
Greatclub of the Earthbreaker
Greater Conjuration Clay
Greatsword of the Snowman
Grovekeeper’s Sickle
Halberd of Fallen Leaves
Headmaster’s Ring
Heart Guard Pendant 2.0
Hemlock Staff
Hide of the Great Wolf
Horns of the Silver Bull
Incense of Superior Invigoration
Inkhunter's Bolt
Javelin of Blight
Javelin of Shifting Sands
Justicar's Flail of Balance
Katana of the Crimson Shogun
Khopesh of Afeldius
Knife of the Vampire Lord
Lance of Launching
Lash of the Hydra
Lavaburst Caltrops
Leathers of the Bloodbinder
Lute of the Ruby Verdict
Mace of the Sacred Ram
Mail of Fallen Haloes
Manablock Arrow
Manticore’s Wrath
Mantle of Broken Fangs
Mask of the Martyr
Mask of the Sun Priest
Mask of the Tomb Guardian
Master's Keenstone
Obsidian Sickle
Onyx Throne Statuette
Oxidation Fog Dispenser
Pale Guise of the Forsaken
Permafrost Axe
Phoenix Arrow
Phoenix Ash
Pit Fiend’s Bladed Fist
Plate of the Demonstalker
Plate of the Sun and Stars
Pocket Portal
Pyralite Aegis
Quickfire Quiver
Quiver of the Frost Queen
Recharged Golemcore
Regalia of the Celestial Sovereign
Ring of the Everlasting Eclipse
Ripsteel Javelin
Root of Evil
Runebinder’s Protection
Runebound Star
Runed Shield of the Stone Guardian
Scepter of the Blue Nebula
Searing Edge
Shadowshriek Glypherine
Shield of the Bloodmoon
Shield of the Deep One
Shield of the Serpent’s Herald
Siphon of the Countess
Sistrum of the GIlded Night
Sling of Sandstorms
Spear of Shifting Sands
Spire of the Warmage
Steel Cyclone
Steel Wrack Cloak
Sting of the Golden Scorpion
Superior Nebulantium Supplement
Talisman of Shared Agony
Tarnished Band of Persistence
Terrorscream Shell
The Black Jack
The Black Seal
The Dragon's Gift
The Gauntlet of Justice
The Gauntlet of Protection
The Northern Winds
Traveler's Mirror
Trenox - The Harbinger of Fate
Trident of the Cobalt Divide
Ucorval - Mask of the Jade Faces
Valdfey Robes
Veil of Vengeance
Visage of the Gilded Jester
Volantes Vitaelum
Wand of Remote Control
Wand of the Two Ravens
War Paint of Bloodlust
Warmage’s Hood
Warmage’s Longsword
Warmage’s Spellglaive
Wavecaster’s Fishing Rod
Wildfire Bowstring
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Items by Name

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G - P











Q - Z




Sage's Rest Candle
Saint's Blessing Candle
Sanctified Gilded Skull
Sanctified Inks
Sandals of the Wavewalker
Sandrina Sweettooth's Rainbow Cane
Sanguine Inks
Sapphire Claws
Satchel of Sustenance
Scalpel of the Blooddrainer
Scepter of Illumination
Scepter of the Blue Nebula
Scout’s Arrow
Scrapper’s Stormcharged Buckler
Scripture of the Afterlife
Scrollcase Rod
Sea Snail Flail
Seafarer’s Map Table
Seahorse Staff
Searing Edge
Seax of the Everwinter Syndicate
Seer's Mirror
Shadow of the Mimic
Shadowbark Breastplate
Shadowbark Greatclub
Shadowbark Longbow
Shadowbark Quarterstaff
Shadowbark Shield
Shadowborn’s Second Skin
Shadowglass Dagger
Shadowglass Shortsword
Shadowshriek Glypherine
Shady Gray Nail Polish
Sheltering Bowl
Shield of the Bloodmoon
Shield of the Deep One
Shield of the Roc
Shield of the Serpent’s Herald
Shield Origamiracle
Shimmering Red Nail Polish
Shining Opal Nail Polish
Shirt of the Hidden Apothecary
Shoes of Tippy Tappy
Sickle of the Stillwind Acolyte
Sil'vran - Bane of Vampires
Silver Owl Hairdye
Silver Snow Blade
Silver Snow Bow
Silver Snow Glaive
Silver Snow Greatsword
Silver Snow Seax
Silver Snow Sword
Silver Tongued Lyre
Sinistorix - The Iron Corruptor
Siphon of the Countess
Sistrum of the GIlded Night
Skirt of the Merchant Princess
Sky Blue Runechalk
Skyrider's Whistle
Sling of Sandstorms
Slingshot of the Trickster
Smokesculptor Pipe
Socks of Finding
Solarex - The Piercer of Suns
Soulspark Candle
Soulstone Hammer
Sparkshock Caltrops
Spear of Shifting Sands
Spear of the Maiden's Wealth
Spectral Blue Nail Polish
Spectral Shroud
Spellforged Throwing Buckler
Spellhold Candle
Spellseize Scroll
Spellsmith's Hammer
Sphere of Unknown Origins
Spider Bullets
Spikes of Alarm
Spire of the Warmage
Spiritbinder Net
Spiritwalker’s Flail
Splint of the Whaler
Splitting Dart
Spyglass of the Seaspecter
Staff of Amplification
Staff of Candor
Staff of Haunting
Staff of Starlit Grace
Staff of the Guiding Light
Staff of the Silver Sage
Staff of the World Tree
Stalker's Dart
Starfish Hand Wraps
Steel Cyclone
Steel Wrack Armor
Steel Wrack Cloak
Steel Wrack Net
Steelfin Axe
Steelfin Cutlass
Steelfin Knife
Sting of the Golden Scorpion
Stingray Rapier
Stranglethorn Sword
Suit of the Astral Overseer
Suit of the Eternal Storm
Suit of the Golden Shadow
Suit of the Immortal Judge
Superior Conjuration Clay
Superior Nebulantium Supplement
Supreme Nebulantium Supplement
Swamp Green Runechalk
Swampmire Caltrops
Sword of Endless Strife
Sword of the Bright Sentinel
Sylvantongue Token
Symphonic Inks
Syringe Rapier








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