Stubbing Jinx

Minor Enchantment Curse (Creature)

Description. The stubbing jinx is a cruel joke that is put on an individual to make their day to day life a little bit harder. It is commonly perceived as a typical curse that a hag or other fey creature might put on someone.   Effects. A creature that is subjected to the Stubbing Jinx becomes Cursed. While Cursed in this way they have to make a Dexterity saving throw (DC14) whenever they move while within 5ft. of a piece of furniture or through a doorway. On a failed save, Roll any dice with an equal amount of even and uneven numbers to determine what happens. On an even number, the creature is knocked Prone. On an uneven number they forcefully stub their toe and take 1 Bludgeoning damage.   Breaking. Remove Curse or a spell with a similar effect.
Type of Magic
School of Magic


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Dec 16, 2022 12:19 by Chris L

Ouch! I have a hag/fairy adventure coming up this weekend. Might be useful!

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