Enchantment is the school of magic that affects the mind of living creatures. Enchantment spells are able to control behavior and influence actions. This type of magic has he ability to literally change your mind.   Novice enchanters know how to make friends with almost anyone, while masters of the art of enchantment can turn lifelong friends into mortal enemies. Where the school of Illusion fools the senses, enchantment magic does not change what you perceive, but how you perceive it. Simply put, spells do not change the appearance or physicality of something, but changes how you view it and what you think of it.   Despite that the arcane methods to imbue items and objects with magical properties is commonly referred to as Enchanting, it is not considered to be part of the Enchantment school of magic. This practice is strictly speaking a form of Transmutation magic, regardles of what types of magic is imbued within an item or object.
Alternative Name(s)
Manipulation Magic
Enchantment spells


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