Swindler's Mark

Minor Illusion Curse (Object)

Description. The swindler's mark is a curse that changes the appearance of a number of coins so that they appear more valuable than they actually are. It is often used to try and deceive merchants or traders.   Effects. This curse can be cast on a number of iron, copper or silver coins equal to ten times the spellcasting ability modifier of the creature casting it. The coins appear to be gold or platinum coins and take on an appropriate shape for their value. This transformation lasts for up to 8 hours. If a creature makes a successful Arcana or Investigation check (DC 14), they can discern the coins to be Cursed and fake.   Breaking. Remove Curse, Dispel Magic or an anti-magic field will turn the coins back into their original material and shape.
Type of Magic
School of Magic


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Dec 24, 2022 00:45 by Chris L

Nasty! I'll try to pay my players with these when I get a chance!

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