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Illusion is the school of magic that plays tricks on the mind. It deceives the senses and makes things appear different as to what they truly are. Whereas Transmutation magic changes the physicality of the subject it is used on, illusion magic only makes something appear different. Illusions can even be created out of thin air, so when you're dealing with an illusionist, it is best to question everything your senses tell you.   Illusionists are able to distract or confuse others through their use of spells, they are often known of making themselves appear as others, or vanish from sight completely. Novice illusionists are sometimes regarded as simple tricksters while masters of this school of magic may never even be discovered as an illusionist because they have perfected their craft to be extremely believable and may hide behind multiple masks.   Some view illusion magic as a mere form of entertainment for its practical uses in theatre and the performing arts, but illusion magic should not be underestimated. The power of deception through magic has proven itself throughout history where it has been used in various ways. There are countless examples of illusionist hiding from danger in plain sight, disguising valuable belongings as trash, or intimidating an adversary through a convincing mirage. Because of the nature of illusion magic though, its successful application is not always known or revealed.
Alternative name(s)
Glamour Magic
Illusion spells


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