Talvald Pathway

The Talvald Pathway leads from Öfferwick to the east and serves as the border between the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn and Kordaasiz. It ends at Thelis Point Crossing.   The Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn has built outposts along the road every few miles to guard against invasions from Kordaasi. These outposts have grown over the years into homesteads with watchtowers, stables farms and lodges used by armed forces of Öfferwick. Mounted forces ride out from Öfferwick to patrol the road and the dry grasslands to the south of the road. These riders travel from outpost to outpost as they make their way along the border over the course of a couple of days. These riders will raise the alarm at the sign of a significant threat from Kordaasi. This alarm will first rally the troops from the Himmelfort and Öfferwick. If needed, word is sent to the capitol of Morhan and the allied city of Rornach with a request for reinforcements to protect the kingdom.


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