The Lady above the Clouds

It is told that on the summit of the Everfrost Spire still stands a gigantic castle made of clouds and ice in which there is a gateway to the realms of the divines. This structure is a remnant of the times when the divines themselves walked amongst the mortals of the world. This palace in the sky is inhabited and guarded by a solitary sorceress: The Lady above the Clouds. A demigod paragon sent by The Moonmother herself and tasked to protect those who worship her. From her giant throne in the skies, she observes the world below. It is she who commands the silver lined clouds to cover the lands of Entari in snow and ice. Some people have done away with the notion of a 'Lady above the Clouds' and have often theorized it might have sprung from the story about The Moonchild and the Fallen Stars.   Only a few people have attempted to climb the Everfrost Spire, and even fewer have returned from that venture. One successful attempt was made by a group of disciples of the Mother from the temple of the The Three. After many days of venturing through the frigid cold mountain landscapes, fighting of beasts and giants as well, they managed to finally scale the peak. The disciples fell to their knees as the moon appeared from beyond the horizon in the night sky, but their prayers to the The Mother and her paragon on the top of the mountain were left unanswered, there was only the freezing mountain air. When asked about what they experienced when they stood there on the peak, they all answered the same thing: A great dark sky, under which they felt as if they themselves were nothing but specks of dust in the wind. Their hope to come closer to divinity crushed under the realization that the moon and the stars in the night sky were just as distant as ever.  

The Frostward

The citizens of Entari hold a different opinion on the Lady above the Clouds. In Entarian culture she is referred to as The Frostward, not so much seen as a demigod but more so an ancient sage who has lived in solitude for ages to protect Entari. It is rumored that in times of great need, the elders of the Silver Triglomerate would attempt to consult with the Frostward for guidance. In a way, they rely on her wisdom and power to preserve and protect Entari. When an elder of the Triglomerate passes away, a close relative ascends the mountain to offer the deceased elder's Amulet of the Everfrost Spire to the Frostward.
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