Theodeus Nubel

Theodeus Nubel is the Arch Priest of the Father and high commander of the army of the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn. He is known in the kingdom and especially in Morhan as a paragon of justice and (millitary) strength.   Theodeus grew up in a millitary family. His mother was a lieutenant within the cavalry of the Wolfsbrunn Millitary and his father was a clerical medic in the infantry who later would go on to become a doctor. Theodeus was taught about warfare and battle from a young age and was practically raised with a sword and shield in his hands. At the young age of 10, Theodeus started his studies at the Academy of Peace. In his teenage years the Theodeus chose to devote himself to the worship of the Father and use the gifts of the Divine to guide him in battle. As Theodeus grew older, wiser and stronger, he rose in the ranks within the Wolfsbrunn millitary through his prowess and wisdom in battle. He fulfilled multiple roles within the temple of The Three as cleric and priest during times of peace. Throughout these times he gained a closer connection to the Father and was bestowed divine abilities and gifts.   After years of hard work, Theodeus became the high commander of the Wolfsbrunn millitary and soon after, the Arch Priest of the Father passed away and chose Theodeus as his successor. This double role as arch priest and high commander further progressed the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn down a theocratic rule, as the High King of Wolfsbrunn had already taken on the role of Arch Priest of the Son for several generations. This combination of religious and millitary rule has been criticized by some people as they feared Theodeus might declare war on other religions within the realm or its neighbouring lands. Especially the Council of Rornach has been open about their opinion on the matter and their concerns. However, Theodeus has proven himself to be more accepting of the different cultures within the kingdom than others had given him credit for and has been very careful to take risks in the matter of warfare.   Theodeus has been very strict in punishing illegalities and transgressions against the crown and kingdom. Threats from across the northern and eastern border have been struck down swiftly and with little mercy but some have speculated that during these times of war, the corruption within the kingdom itself could slowly grow and manifest itself further. The influence of the Grey Cartel in the city of Morhan has been known to fare well during periods of war. Smugglers and thieves stealing weaponry and armor on the black market were not kept in check as Theodeus tried to fulfill his duties as arch priest and high commander.
Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Year of Birth
6684 AV 54 Years old
Buzz cut, blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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