Tower of Power

8th level Conjuration

Casting Time. 1 Minute
Range. 200ft.
Components. V, S, M (A diamond worth at least 500gp,which the spell consumes)
Duration. Instantaneous
Classes. Sorcerer, Wizard
  A stone tower erupts from a point on the ground you can see within range. The circle has a 20ft. radius, and it must not have any buildings or other structures on it. Any creatures in the area are unharmed as the tower rises. The tower has a radius of 20ft. and height of 100ft. and 1ft. thick walls. Each of the ten floors has a 10ft. high ceiling and is connected by a central spiral staircase. The tower has no windows but features 8 evenly spaced arrow slits on every floor. Each floor is furnished and decorated with non-magical objects however you like. The top of the tower is accessed through a trapdoor. It has no roof but does have crenellations that provide half-cover.
Furnishings, and other objects created by this spell crumble to dust if removed from the tower. A staff of 10 invisible servants obey any command given to them by creatures you choose when you cast this spell. These servants can only be commanded by creatures while they are within the tower. Each servant functions as if created by the unseen servant spell.
All creatures on top or inside of the tower gain the following benefits. They gain a +1 bonus to spell attack rolls and their spell save DC. Additionally, the range of all spells they cast with a range of at least 30ft. are increased by 300ft.
The tower is made of stone that can be damaged, each 10ft. by 10ft. section of the exterior stone wall has an AC of 16 and 60 hit points. The tower is immune to Poison and Psychic damage and has resistance to Force damage.
After 7 days or when you cast this spell somewhere else, the tower is slowly destroyed and sinks back into the ground, leaving any creatures that were inside safely on the ground. Casting this spell on the same spot every 7 days for a year makes the tower permanent.
Type of Magic
School of Magic


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