The Vanagloria is the seat of power for the Duke of Rornach in the city of Rornach. The tower is a symbol of pride for all the citizens of the city which be seen from almost all places within the city.   The tower is by far the tallest structure in the city and is made of polished black granite. The smooth black stone drinks in the sun's light on clear days and forms a stark contrast with the bright sky. During the night, only the shimmering lights from candles, hearths and torches from within the tower betray its position. The primary tower holds the main hall, the private quarters of the duke and their family and the subterranean vaults and studies. At the very top of the tower, guards hold a lookout over the city, the region and the Antler.
  Two palace wings are attached to the bottom of the tower, where guests of high importance and influence are able to stay during their visit to the city. These wings encircle the garden of the vanagloria. The garden is a beautifully maintained landscape with at the center an Ebony Birch with an incredibly wide canopy. Within that tree and the garden, different breeds of peacocks from around the world roam freely.
  The main hall, also known as the Court of the Vanagloria, is from where the duke of Rornach rules. At some times during the history of Wolfsbrunn this was also referred to as the throne room and the royal court. Since The Capitol Struggle, referring to this hall as such, instead of the throne room in the Starfall Palace in Morhan is frowned upon and can be seen as seditious libel against the crown in some places.
Alternative Names
The Onyx Spire
The Tower of Pride
Palace of the Peacock
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
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