The Vanror are the elite guard who are tasked with protecting the Duke of Rornach. They are based on Superba and patrol the halls and grounds of the Vanagloria. When the Vanror is seen in the city of Rornach, it is to be expected that the duke of Rornach is near.   The Vanror are the personal guard of the duke of Rornach. They were founded after a series of betrayals in the city guard had threatened the life of the duke of Rornach at that time. These events led to the decision to split divide the forces into those who were to defend the citizens, and the forces who were to protect the leader of Rornach.   Being a part of the Vanror is a big responsibility and honor, the members are hand-picked by the duke himself. Before being sworn in as a Vanror the candidate has to prove their martial and physical skill and swear an oath of secrecy to make sure that what is being spoken of in the Vanagloria, remains there. Breaking this oath is punishable by death.  


The Vanror are a heavily armed guard that can be recognized from a distance by their heavy armor with shining gold and deep red accents. Standard issue weapons include a halberd and a light crossbow when on guard duty. When on patrol or escorting the duke, the halberd is replaced with a longsword and sometimes a shield if required. Officers of the Vanror are donned in the even more imposing Armor of the Lionheart.
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