Violet Bag of Spellybeans

Uncommon Wondrous Item

Magic Beans. When you first find this bag, it contains 5d4 beans. The flavor of a bean cannot be identified by its color. Consuming a bean allows you to cast a specific spell at its lowest level once within the next minute. You can take a bean from the bag and consume it as an action. Roll on the table to determine which flavor it has. The spell uses an ability modifier of +2 and a spell attack bonus of +4. If you have a spell slot of the appropriate level or higher, you may expend it when you cast the spell. If you do, you can use your own spellcasting ability modifier and spell attack bonus instead.   Spellybean Flavors
d8 Flavor Spell
1 Strawberry Goodberry
2 Mint Healing Word
3 Popcorn Guiding Bolt
4 Lemon Counterspell
5 Licorice Inflict Wounds
6 Pineapple Acid Arrow
7 Cinnamon Shield
8 Chili Pepper Scorching Ray
Violet Bag of Spellybeans
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