Wondrous Item, Rarity varies

Spellybeans are a type of magical candy that comes in a wide variety of flavors and colors. These delicious treats are made using a secret recipe that combines the art of candy making with the power of magic. The process to create spellybeans is complex and delicate that requires skill, precision and a deep understanding of candy making as well as the intricacies of the arcane. There is a select group of people on the material plane that know how to make spellybeans, and most of them have a fey ancestry.

Sugarcoated Spells

To make spellybeans, you need high quality sugar (preferably from Bella Beans), flavorings, and food coloring. These ingredients are carefully measured and combined in a small pot, where they are heated and stirred until they form a thick, sticky mixture. At this point a person may add an alchemical compound to enchant the bean through Alchemical Transference. Alternatively for more complex magic, a person may try to enchant a bean with Arcane Impartment. Although this method may require more time, a small bean is fairly quickly enchanted compared to larger objects.
  After enchantment, the mixture is quickly poured into specialized molds in the shape of small, round beans. The manufacturing and origins of these molds is shrouded in mystery and it is thought that new molds have not been created in hundreds of years. The molds are enchanted with a specific type of magic that seals and amplify the magic in each of the beans. This same magic also keeps the magical beans from going bad. The molds are placed in a cool, dark place to allow the candy to solidify and harden. Once the spellybeans have hardened, they are removed from the molds and carefully inspected for quality. The approved spellybeans get a mark stamped on them, but any spellybeans that are misshapen, non-magical or otherwise imperfect are discarded or eaten as a snack.

Many Flavors and Variations

There are many kinds of spellybeans to be found in the world. Some of them are unique to the flavors and ingredients available in that particular part of the world like, whilst others are more common. The same can be said for the magic inside the beans, some of it is simple whilst the arcane power in some beans is incredibly potent. The type and potency of the magic inside a spellybean is determined by the ingredients and enchantments used during the candy making process. Experienced spellybean makers are able to create a wide variety of spellybeans, each with its own unique magical properties. Spellybeans are sometimes sold or given as individual treats, but more often encountered in a mixed packet or bag that is filled with surprises!

Spellybeans by Rarity

Violet Bag of Spellybeans
Related Technologies
Alchemical Transference
Arcane Impartment
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Bag of Spellybeans
List of Spellybeans
Almond Spellybean
Anise Spellybean
Apricot Spellybean
Artichoke Spellybean
Asparagus Spellybean
Bacon Spellybean
Banana Spellybean
Basil Spellybean
Beet Spellybean
Blackberry Spellybean
Blood Orange Spellybean
Blueberry Spellybean
Broccoli Spellybean
Butterscotch Spellybean
Cabbage Spellybean
Cantaloupe Spellybean
Cappuccino Spellybean
Carrot Spellybean
Cauliflower Spellybean
Celery Spellybean
Chamomille Spellybean
Cherry Spellybean
Chili Pepper Spellybean
Cinnamon Spellybean
Clove Spellybean
Coconut Spellybean
Coffee Spellybean
Corn Spellybean
Cotton Candy Spellybean
Cucumber Spellybean
Dark Chocolate Spellybean
Date Spellybean
Dill Spellybean
Dragonfruit Spellybean
Eggplant Spellybean
Garlic Spellybean
Ginger Spellybean
Grape Spellybean
Grapefruit Spellybean
Green Apple Spellybean
Green Tea Spellybean
Guava Spellybean
Hazelnut Spellybean
Honey Spellybean
Honeyberry Spellybean
Juniper Berry Spellybean
Kale Spellybean
Kiwi Spellybean
Lavender Spellybean
Leek Spellybean
Lemon Spellybean
Licorice Spellybean
Lime Spellybean
Lychee Spellybean
Mango Spellybean
Milk Chocolate Spellybean
Milk Spellybean
Mint Spellybean
Mulberry Spellybean
Nectarine Spellybean
Onion Spellybean
Orange Spellybean
Papaya Spellybean
Parsley Spellybean
Parsnip Spellybean
Passion Fruit Spellybean
Peach Spellybean
Peanut Spellybean
Pear Spellybean
Pecan Spellybean
Persimmon Spellybean
Pineapple Spellybean
Pistachio Spellybean
Plum Spellybean
Pomegranate Spellybean
Popcorn Spellybean
Potato Spellybean
Pumpkin Spellybean
Radish Spellybean
Raspberry Spellybean
Red Apple Spellybean
Rhubarb Spellybean
Rose Spellybean
Rosemary Spellybean
Sage Spellybean
Salted Caramel Spellybean
Satsuma Spellybean
Spinach Spellybean
Spring Onion Spellybean
Strawberry Spellybean
Sweet Potato Spellybean
Tangerine Spellybean
Thyme Spellybean
Toffee Spellybean
Turnip Spellybean
Vanilla Spellybean
Walnut Spellybean
Watermelon Spellybean
White Chocolate Spellybean
White Grape Spellybean


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Dec 30, 2022 16:55 by Starfarer Theta

This has to be one of the best inventions I have ever come across. Enchanted beans that have a fun name: spellybean! The art of making them must surely be matured in this world as there seems to be an endless choice of flavors. I've chosen the peanut and orange flavors to start with- though I forgot to ask exactly how the enchantments function when eaten- and I'll be on the lookout for more to grow my collection. If these work the way I think I do, then having a bag of these on hand will be far more convenient than having to memorize motions and specific incantations and whatnot. My guess is that I'm still going to have to do all of those techniques for any powerful spells, but I'm going to hold onto the nice thought for the time being. I feel more sane doing so.   So which flavor should I choose next? Hmmm.... thinking cinnamon sounds pretty good. - Nemo, World Traveler

Jan 18, 2023 00:45

I'm impressed by the amount of detail that went into this item. It'd be fun to stick a randomized bag of spellybeans in an adventure to see what kind of off-the-wall things my players would accomplish with them!

Jan 19, 2023 16:10

I love this charming article. Everyone will definitely find a spellybean to their liking here. I would like to know how the quality control works to determine that they don't work magically and if there is a leaflet for the strains and how to use them in the bag, albeit as a surprise?

Stay imaginative and discover Blue┬┤s Worlds, Elaqitan and Naharin.

I would be very happy if you would celebrate my SC contributions with me.
Jan 28, 2023 08:36

I picked five beans at random like I was pulling it out of a bag, and I wasn't disappointed with any of them. The overall description is short, but I like that you mentioned how they were made and that there is some sort of quality control for these.

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