Weeping Wounds Hex

Minor Necromancy Curse (Location)

Description. The weeping wounds hex is a curse that is put on a location to prevent creatures from recovering from their wounds there. This is a curse that is often cast in places of pain and torture.   Effects. A creature in the area that is about to regain any number of hit points, first has to make a Constitution saving throw (DC 12) before they regain any hit points. A creature that is under the effect of a Protection from Evil and Good spell makes this save with advantage. On a failed save, they do not regain the hit points. On a successful save they only regain half of the hit points.   Breaking. The Dispel Magic spell can clear an area of up to 30ft. by 30ft. affected by this curse. If the area is larger, it requires multiple castings within 1 hour. If the area is not entirely cleared of the curse, the entire area is affected again by the curse after 24 hours have passed.
Type of Magic
School of Magic


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