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What is this website?
The Sea of Starlight is my homebrew campaign setting, which is still growing and in development.
It is also a searchable archive of all the content I've made for 5e!   Who are you?
My name is Tim, more commonly known as Bonus Action.
I've been making 5e content for a while over on Instagram.
you can find some more info about me here.   How do I get access?
The Sea of Starlight is accessible for Patrons of Bonus Action.
You can read a more in depth explanation here: Access to the Sea of Starlight   Can I make a page like this?
Yes you can! The Sea of Starlight is powered by WorldAnvil.
You can experiment with a free version to explore.
If you decide to pay for a subscription you can use the promocode BONUSACTION for 20% off your subscription!


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