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Holding Seal

Simple Magic Trap (level 1-4, moderate threat)

This magical piece of paper is known as a Mageseal. When it is torn or damaged, it triggers a magical spell which teleports the nearest creature to a predetermined location. It is commonly glued or placed over the crack of a door or chest, so that opening it causes it to tear.


Trigger. The magic is activated when the seal is torn or damaged, such as when the door or object it is on is moved.
  Effects. When it is triggered, all creatures within 60ft. of the trap have to make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 15). On a failed save they become Paralyzed for 4d6 hours.  

Variant: Teleporting Object
This type of seal can also be used to teleport an item or object. When this seal is broken it teleports the item it was on. Alternatively, it teleports a specific object within 30ft. of the seal. The item or object needs to fit in a 5ft. cube and is not teleported if it is being worn or carried.



Like most mageseals, a holding seal can be easily spotted. Removing, bypassing or disabling it is however still quite tricky. The seal is quite obvious unless it is properly hidden by the person who placed it, but knowing what effect might occur requires proper analysis. Use the following phases and ability checks to determine successes or failures.   Disarming Information
Phase Ability Check
Detection Perception (DC 10)
Analysis Investigation (DC 13)
Solution Sleight of Hand (DC 15)
A successful Analysis lowers the Solution DC by 1   Solution (Sleight of Hand). Read the following text when a character successfully disarms the trap using a Sleight of Hand check.  

You carefully peel the paper from the surface, making sure not to tear or damage it in any way. As the paper is completely peeled off, it starts to curl up, blackens, and shreds itself into tiny pieces.


Alternative Solutions

Arcana. Analyzing the trap with a successful Arcana check (DC 13) reveals the effects of the seal. Dispel Magic will not work to stop the effect from happening, but casting Counterspell as a reaction when the trap is triggered will stop the effect from happening, but only to the caster of the spell. Dispel Magic will cure a creature from being Paralyzed by this trap.
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Trap Summary
Aspect Details
Purpose Restrain
Trigger Damaging the paper
Target All creatures within 60ft.
Save Wisdom (DC 15)
Effects Paralyzed
Duration Instant
Variant of


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