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Offer of the Sea Sage

The Offer of the Sea Sage is a story told to Tiomeran children about the spirit of a Sea Giant that visits people in their dreams. It is intended as a cautionary tale to be careful who to trust and revolves around a sea giant that attempts to trade secrets and knowledge for good fortune. Some say that this tale is not a myth and that the ancient town of Kaepolis fell to the wrath of the Sea Sage.

A Trade Most Fair

The story usually revolves around some person who has been down on his luck such as a fisherman that has not caught a fish for days or a wizard from a seaside town who's spells keep failing. No matter the origin of their troubles, the protagonist is visited in their sleep by the spirit of an ancient sea giant who offers them a trade. He shall cast a spell of good fortune upon them so they may get what they desire. In return, he only asks they share a secret with him. The protagonist usually shares a personal secret or a rumor they heard, which the sea giant accepts.

The next day, the individual finds their luck has turned around and they are making great progress to reaching their goals. The following night, the sea giant returns in their dreams and tells them this is what they could do with a small secret, imagine what would happen if they shared a greater secret with them. For instance about the defenses of the city, or ancient artifacts and knowledge that may be hidden within it. Infatuated by the good fortune, the protagonists shares everything he knows about the city, hoping that the sea giant will bless them with the greatest of fortune, but when he reveals the final details of the defenses of their hometown, they suddenly wake up to the sound of crashing waves and thunder. When he looks out of the window he sees the sea giant ravaging the city and taking all sorts of artifacts and items the protagonist told him about. He leaves the city in ruins and chaos and retreats back into the depths of the sea from which he came.
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