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Ogre Log

Simple Mechanical Trap (level 5-10, moderate threat)

An Ogre Log is a simple, but massive contraption that consists of a huge log of a tree, suspended from ropes or chains and then fastened to the ceiling under some tension. As the trap is triggered, the log is released and swings down like a battering ram, smashing any individual in its path. These types of traps are typically used in long and dark hallways or caverns where the high ceiling can conceil the log from vision right up to the point of impact.


Trigger. The trap is activated by a tripwire that releases a pin, causing the log to swing down. Alternatively, the wire can be attached to a door, so that when it opens, the end of the Ogre Log smashes through the doorway.   Effects. When the trap is triggered, there is a clicking sound, of the latch releasing the log. A wooshing noise can be heard, right before it comes into vision. The trap makes an attack roll against all creatures in the 15ft. long, 5ft. wide line it swings into (+8 to hit). On a successful hit, a creature takes 3d8 Bludgeoning damage and has to make a Strength saving throw (DC 15). On a failed save they are knocked Prone.  


A perceptive creature will notice scrapes on the floor where the log perhaps has dropped and where it has has collided with the walls when being put into place.   Disarming Information
Phase Ability Check
Detection Perception (DC 14)
Analysis Investigation (DC 15)
Solution Sleight of Hand (DC 15)
A successful Analysis lowers the Solution DC by 5   Solution (Sleight of Hand). Read the following text when a character successfully disarms the trap using a Sleight of Hand check.  

You carefully pull on the wire while you stand aside the path of the log. It swings past you with a soft breeze and slowly comes to a standstill.


Alternative Solutions

Acrobatics. Avoiding any wires that might trigger the trap.   Arcana. Triggering the wire from a distance with a spell such as Mage Hand or Unseen Servant.   Dexterity. Using a ranged weapon to destroy the triggering wire (or any of the ropes or chains that are under tension) to disable the trap.
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Trap Summary
Aspect Details
Purpose Harm
Trigger Tripwire
Target All creatures in a
15ft. long, 5ft. wide line
Attack +8
Save Strength (DC 15)
Effects 3d8 Bludgeoning
Damage, Prone
Duration Instant


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