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Snorebeast Fur

Snorebeast fur is the soft brown hair from the Snorebeast. Snorebeast fur is not a material that can be taken through hunting and skinning the Snorebeast, as this spoils the properties of the fur. Instead, it is collected after the beast sheds most of its fur after hibernation.


Snorebeast fur is soft and fluffy. The snorebeast has long hairs that clump together. The material can be categorized as a mixture of a bear's pelt and a sheep's wool. The fur hold some properties which can be enhanced through enchanting. Items made from snorebeast fur have direct effect on a person's rest. Pillows, bedding and sleeping rolls made from snorebeast fur improve the quality of sleep of a person sleeping in or on them.

Processing the Fur

Because the fur is not attached to a pelt, but consists of individual (clumps of) hair, the fur first needs to be processed. The hairs are quite long so they can be easily felted. Expert weavers are able to spin the fur or even weave cloth using individual hairs, although these processes are very labor intensive. The fur takes dyes very well and can be dyed in any color after it has been bleached. This is typically done prior to the manufactoring of the felt, yarn or cloth but can also be done afterward to create different designs.
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