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The Kordaasi Betrayal

The Kordaasi Betrayal is an event that happened after years of small battles and conflicts alongside the border of Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn and Kordaasi. The betrayal concerns the events that transpired during a peace meeting that was organized between the warring tribes of Kordaasi and the High King of Wolfsbrunn in the city of Morhan in the year 6256AV.   These wars had started after a small group of clerics from The Three had attacked a Kordaasiz tribe who they were convinced had somehow taken posession of The Mor. After being crowned High King of Wolfsbrunn, Veorn Osseus took it upon himself to create peace between the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn and the tribes in the east. The long lasting hostilities between the two regions had cost the kingdom valuable lives and resources over the years and High King Veorn could see no end to it.  

The Treaty of the Mor

Against the advise of the royal court, he invited the chieftans of the warring tribes to the city of Morhan to broker a peace. A meeting was organized outside of the city in a large clearing of the woods. The tribespeople that attended had been escorted to the city from the border by their own warriors as well as a small group of Disciples of the Winged Shield. The entire royal court and royal family attended the event as well as the chieftans and their shamans from Kordaasi to speak about how the kingdom and the tribes may stop the needless bloodshed. The next day a peace treaty was drafted by three loremasters of the Amaranthine Archivists, one from Wolfsbrunn, one from Kordaasi and one from Azuno who was impartial to the wars that had happened.
  The treaty defined the borders of the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn and the restoration of lands and goods to the tribes of Kordaasi, as well as a formal apology and promise to hold the peace between the lands. Furthermore, the treaty stated that if any person from Kordaasi should ever find The Mor, they were to bring it to Morhan, where they would be rewarded with wealth and fame.   The treaty was signed by all the chieftains as well as Veorn Osseus at sundown, and a great feast was held to celebrate. The finest D'entarian Wine and Ardevian Blessings were served, as well as some delicacies from the deserts of Kordaasi that the tribespeople had brought.  

The Betrayal

It is unknown exactly how the events of that night transpired, but what the Amaranthine Archivists seem to agree on is that poison was used by a shaman of one of the tribes. She presumably poisoned the cups of Entarian wine, the taste of which was not favored by the tribes, but moreso by the royal family. Pathologists examining the bodies of the royal family have noted that the staining of the organs indicated a use of Kingkiller Poison. Which would be be painfully ironic, as the High King was the only person of the royal family to survive the night of the Kordaasi Betrayal.   As the members of the royal family and court started choking and falling to the ground, the High King Veorn Osseus ordered the guard to attack the leaders of the tribes. The accounts of one of the Archivists who was there that day tell of a slaughter of the tribespeople who were just as taken aback by the poisoned royal family as any other witness there. Leading the Archivist to believe that perhaps this was the action of one person, and not an orchestrated attack on the royal family by the tribes as a whole. To this day, that remains a mystery, as the only survivors that day were of Brunn descent. After both the leaderships of the tribes and the kingdom were mostly decimated, the wars grinded to a halt, a bittersweet ending to years of strife.
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