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The Moonchild and the Fallen Stars

Past seven mountains, across seven rivers, there was a child with hair as white as snow, and eyes as cold as ice. Her words could change the ways of the world and she could fly on silver wings. She was a daughter of the moon herself and because of that, her heart was overflowing with love.   The moonchild took great joy in playing with what the world had to offer and made friends with the spirited creatures of the lake and the fluttering creatures of the sky. Every night she would talk to the moon, about the wonders of the world and all its creatures and about how she had come to find that all of them were deserving of love and protection. She could talk for hours to the moon, and the moon would listen to her, never uttering a word, but all the while glowing with pride for her daughter.   On one fateful winter night, the Moonchild saw a flurry of stars fall down to earth. With a worried heart she flew to them and found them lying peacefully next to a golden river that ran through a black forest. She looked up at the sky and asked her mother:"Dear mother, I would put these stars back into the heavens because that is where they belong, but my wings would never be able to carry me high enough.". For the first time in her life, her Mother answered her, her voice the sound of a warm hug on a cold winter night, and she said: "I cannot help you put these stars back into the sky, for they wish to be here.". "But for what reason would stars want to be on the earth?" Asked the Moonchild. There was a deep long silence, but then the Moonmother told her child:
  Where the stars have fallen, a kingdom will rise, ruled by many kings and queens.
When the people can no longer see the stars, it will bring forth strife and trials.
When the stars are bathed in blood of the virtuous, a monarch will reclaim their throne.
When the stars have fulfilled these tasks, they shall shine in the night sky once more.
In the light of the stars, those who remain shall reshape the world.
  After a brief silence the moon said:"Neither you, nor I, can change what is written in the stars my child." Her daughter said a soft prayer, wishing she could find a way to put the stars back in the sky so the world could remain as it was before they had descended, for in her heart she knew the fate of the lands would be changed forever now. Her mother whispered:"Have faith my child, know that even how much the world will change, I will remain to wax and wane.". With a tear in her eye, the Moonchild spread her wings and answered:"Perhaps I cannot stop the world from changing, but I vow to ward off any harm that might come to those I love". As her wings lifted her into the sky, she could not bare to look back at the stars lying there on the ground, next to the golden river, in the black forest. She left them there, to fulfill their destiny.
  Many nights later, after making sure the creatures of the lake and skies were prepared for the changes that the stars told of, the moonchild returned to where she found the stars to see if they had fulfilled their destiny and they were ready to be put back into the heavens. However, when she came upon the place in the forest, near the river the stars had disappeared. Where the stars are now nobody knows, some say the darkness of the forest quenched their light, and they fell into the river that swept them out to sea. Others say they were taken by a magician who put them in the eyes of his own daughter. On cold winter nights you may see the silver wings of the Moonchild in the sky, still trying to find the missing stars and hoping to find a way to put them back into the sky.
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