Abjuration is the school of magic that encompasses spells that can protect and shield. Spells from this school can create magical or physical barriers that protect against physical attacks or magical spells. They can also be used to set up magical alarms and traps to protect a place or object. Abjuration is favored amongst many arcane practicioners that wish to keep themselves safe in the face of danger as well as those who see it as their duty to protect others.   Abjurers are capable of preventing and stopping harmfull effects by magic wards and other arcane protective measures. By casting spells that strengthen skin, armor or even create a powerful defensive aura, an abjurer may turn the tide of the battle by bolstering the defenses of their allies. While apprentice abjurers may be able to reduce harmful effects, master abjurers can make themselves or others near untouchable. Even though the best defense is a good offense, abjurers know that with a good defense, you cannot be hurt.   The school of abjuration is seen as a school of negation and neutralization of energy. In that sense it can be perceived as the counterpart of the schools of conjuration and evocation which focus on the creation of energy.
Alternative name(s)
Shield Magic
Abjuration spells


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