Atmospheric Equalization

Atmospheric Equalization is an enchantment developed on Eauviron to increase the speed at which the city of Tiomera could travel. It was originally intended to redirect airflow to improve the aerodynamics around the sails of the city.


The theory for this enchantment was developed by arcanists of Eauviron with the aid of clerics of Zevira from the Windcatcher Temple. The initial goal of the research was to redirect and concentrate airflow more efficiently into the sails of the Anchorhouses of Tiomera. With the use of air Evocation magic and incantations from the temple, and the ability to infuse these into thread, the team was able to create this powerful enchantment that can be sown into the sails. In effect, an atmospheric equalization enchantment causes the air in front of the sail to disperse and the wind behind the sail to be pushed harder into it. This means that the wind can be utilized far more efficiently and the sails provide more speed to a vessel.

Equalizer Charge Blueprints

Through their experimentation with this magic the arcanists and clerics discovered that the spells and enchantments they developed for the sails could be used to change much larger air currents. Further research into the enchantment theorized how to combine several types of magic with technology to influence weather conditions and air currents at a greater level. A complex Magitech device was designed by the team based on this theory which would be able to activate the necessary spells with impeccable timing in proper succession. The device itself was never created as its it thought that the influence on the winds and air currents could potentially have greater effects on the world than expected. The team thought it would potentially change the weather and air currents of the entire world or fully halt all winds completely if used improperly. Still, the blueprints have been locked away because it is thought that it could save the city in case it would ever get caught in a Stillwind Sphere. Exactly because of the effect this device could have on a Stillwind Spheres, the blueprints are coveted by the Acolytes of the Stillwinds and have been locked away securely within Eauviron.
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