Enchanting is the act of adding temporary or permanent magical properties to an object or location. It is not to be confused with the magic school of Enchantment, the type of magic that affects the minds of living creatures.   Enchantments are often utilized to strengthen weapons, armor and objects with additional magical capabilities but have also been used in harmless ways such as to create a perpetual light or flame and causing objects to levitate in mid air.   Enchanting can be done in a variety of ways, Runic Inscription and Crystallomancy are among the more popular ways of adhering enchantments to places and objects. Especially runic inscription is the most common method used by enchanters around the world because of the clear physical inscriptions that have to be made to enchant an object and the highly methodical nature of the craft which has made it possible for enchanters to leave clear instructions of enchantments they designed. Runic inscriptions can be easily read and checked before completion to ensure successful enchantment.


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