Crystallomancy is the use of crystals to perform magic. Crystallomancy can be used to conduct and amplify the casting of spells but the term is also used to describe the practice of binding magical effects in a crystal or gem for a persisting or permanent effect. Some gemstones and crystals of the world hold innate magic, whilst others need to enchanted or inscribed with runes to function. As crystallomancy alters the properties of the crystal through magic it is is regarded as a subschool of Transmutation magic and similar to the broader teachings of Alchemy,
  The exact origins of crystallomancy are unknown, several cultures claim to have invented it but it is hard to find the first instance of the practice. Crystallomancy is primarily a magic that is strongly connected to the elemental Plane of Earth, and as such scholars have theorized that the first Crystallomancers were the primeval earth elementals native to that plane.   A lot of arcane practicioners have a little experience or at least a minor understanding of Crystallomancy commonly through their use of crystals in rituals and as an arcane focus for casting spells. The more advanced crafting and utilization of crystals has been studied and perfected in Azuno mostly by the Dragonborn wizards and scholars of New Ankoya. The New Ankoyans have been able to combine enchanted crystals and gems to create arrays and arrangements that create more diverse and complex effects.
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