New Ankoyan

The people of the Republic of New Ankoya are known as New Ankoyans. An industrious people who value the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge and find justice to be of great importance in their daily lives.


The founders of the Republic of New Ankoya and the city Javesz were allegedly Ankoyan wizards and sorcerers who fled from the rule of the Empire of the Jade Eye. They called the lands they claimed New Ankoya and fashioned themselves New Ankoyan to separate themselves from the Ankoyan traditions and empire while still remaining true to their heritage of the lands of Ankoya.

Seekers of Truth and Knowledge

It is said that almost all New Ankoyans have a great interest in revealing the secrets and truths of the world. In the New Ankoyan city of Javesz, arcanists attempt to unravel the secrets of magic through Crystallomancy, while those living in the jungles of New Ankoya are not afraid to venture into the uncharted lands in an attempt to find long forgotten ruins and explore hidden caves. New Ankoyans find truth and justice to be of great importance, this stems from the core belief that those who have wronged others should be held accountable for their actions, no matter how small or large the transgression.
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